Empty Waste Bags

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Empty Waste Bags

MATERIAL HAZARD SYMBOL.png Personal protection equipment is required before opening waste drawer. Follow all material handling and disposal guidelines. Always follow Global Health and Safety guidelines and local regulations regarding handling and 

WARNING: Wear protective heat resistant gloves, protective sleeves and goggles before removing any waste material. Be careful not to spill, drop, or expose others to these materials. Dispose of the material according to your local regulatory guidelines.



NOTE: When removing the draped portion of the bag, be careful not to spill the material that may be on the top portion of the bag.


  1. Make certain the 3D printer system is not building and press the pause key.
  2. Open the upper left and upper right MDMs.
  3. Slide both waste drawers completely out of the 3D printer system.
  4. Remove waste bags from waste drawers and place into a hazardous waste container.
  5. Replace the plastic waste bag for each drawer.
  6. Gently scrape any material stuck onto interior surface of waste drawer bin. Use a flexible plastic scraper to avoid damaging the paint.
  7. Vacuum inside waste drawer to remove scraping.
  8. Wipe inside surfaces of waste drawer using a clean cloth.

Waste Drawers.jpg