The ProJet Professional Printing System

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The ProJet® Professional Printing System consist of the following components, providing these functions: 

  • Outputs 3-dimensional prints from digital data supplied to the printer in the required .stl file format, using one or a two-material process. 
  • One licensed copy of 3D SPRINT™ Software that can be downloaded from the Software Downloads tab, with integrated online Help and Quick Reference Guide This software provides the user with the ability to set up and submit jobs to the printer  Your workstation should meet the minimum "Client Workstation Requirements." 
  • VisiJet® support and build materials - VisiJet® build material is for production of the actual prints, and the VisiJet® support material produces the required support structures necessary to build 3-dimensional prints. These materials are formulated exclusively for use with the ProJet® Professional Printing System. 


What is Included with a ProJet® Professional Printing System 
The printer ships with one crated ProJet® Professional Printing System containing an accessory kit which consist of: 

Description Quantity
Disposible Nitrile Gloves 1 Box
Build Platform 2
1.75 kg Bottle VisiJet 5500 Support Material 2
2.0 kg Bottle VisiJet CR-CL Rigid Clear Build Material 2
2.0 kg Bottle VisiJet CE-NT Elastomeric Natural Build Material 2
EC Declaration 1
SDS/MSDS Sheets, (for materials provided with the printer) 1 per material
Network Settings 1