Printer Status and Fault Code Recovery

The ProJet® MJP 2500W uses codes to identify various fault or status conditions with the printer:

  • Status about the device, for example, cartridges are low on material
  • User-clearable faults, by the user performing cleaning procedures
  • Printer-clearable faults, where the printer is automatically attempting recovery
  • Service required faults, which can only be resolved by a certified partner

Check the Printer Status envelope for current printer conditions.

Codes listed below describe user-clearable and printer-clearable faults:


Printer Status Code Issue Description Customer Troubleshooting Steps
90-122 - Part Quality May Be Compromised The printer may have of had an error or a delay of over 30 minutes (recovery from an error, waiting for user intervention) which could impact part quality.
  1. Check the Fault History list for errors that may have cause the delay to resolve any outstanding issues.
  2. Set up email alerts to be notified when the printer needs user intervention (new material, empty the waste bag).

92-113 - Print Platform front sensor intermittent

92-114 - Print Platform rear sensor intermittent

Print Platform sensors may be dirty and require cleaning.

  1. Access Platform from the UI > Status Tab
  2. Open top door
  3. Remove Print Platform
  4. Inspect the plate sensors and clean any debris on or around them
  5. Replace print platform
  6. Close top door
  7. Reboot machine from UI > Tools Tab > Shutdown > Printer Reboot
  8. If this does not solve the problem call your Certified Partner for service.
92-152 Planarizer motor stall If the print platform is installed incorrectly or has material on the bottom, it allows the print platform to be higher than the printer thinks it is and a minor impact could occur, stalling the motor.
  1. Access Platform from the UI > Status Tab
  2. Open top door
  3. Remove Print Platform
  4. Clean both sides of the print platform
  5. Replace print platform
  6. Close top door
  7. Reboot machine from UI >Tools Tab > Shutdown > Printer Reboot

93-120 thru 123

93-130 thru 133 Support/part cartridge 1/2 fill timeout

93-134 thru 137: Support/part

93-168 thru 171 - cartridge should not be empty

Cartridge 1,2 check needed

93-120 thru 123 & 93-130 thru 133 - When these errors are detected, support and build material channels are tryin to recover from filling errors

93-134 thru 137 - filling errors

There is a mismatch in the estimated and detected amount of material present in the cartridge.

  1. Check the affected cartridge and verify:
  2. Cartridge has material
  3. Cartridge is fully inserted
  4. Cartridge vent cap has been loosened 1/2 turn counter-clockwise and is clear of material.

The printer may attempt to self-recover for several minutes when any of these faults are raised.

93-111/ 93-113 - Support / Build Head Res max dose count exceeded Printer is having issues dosing the printhead
  1. The printer will try to recover automatically from this issue
  2. The printer may go through several Error states and reboot in its recovery process.
  3. If it is not able to ultimately recover, it will reboot into a Diagnostics mode for the user to call service.
93-114 - Unable to fill the printhead for purging Not enough material available

The printer may not have enough material to perform standard maintenance, like purges. Please verify. 
- Cartridge has material
- Cartridge is fully inserted
- Cartridge vent cap has been loosened a 1/2 turn counter-clockwise and is clear of material.
If Cartridges have just been inserted and are cold, it may take 60-90 minutes to warm to an operational temperature.

93-200, 93-201 Excessive support/part material used Printer is using more material than can be accounted for Check the printer for any material leakage and contact a Certified Partner for service.
93-295-296 - Insufficient material Insufficient material use in the printhead. Printer keeps printing but no material is being put down. Call service
94-203 Planarizer Contact Calibration Failed Planarizer Contact Calibration Failed prior to printing, the printer calibrates the planarizer gap. If it fails, the printer will wait fo the user to remove and re-position the plate.
  1. Access Platform from the UI > Status Tab
  2. Open top door
  3. Remove print platform
  4. Clean both sides of the print platform
  5. Replace print platform
  6. Close top door


94-104 Printer Slowing Down

95-118 Build Chamber Too Hot

Printer slowing down to cool

Build Chamber Too Hot while printing, if the printer shows slowing down to cool, the build chamber is above optimal temperature. If it continues to exceed temp, the printer will pause printing until the temperature goes down.

  1. Check ambient temperature, optimal temperature range is 18°-24°C (64°-75°F).
  2. Verify that the particulate filter and the screen above the filter are not plugged. Replace as necessary.
  3. Make sure the printer is not next to a window in direct sunlight.
  4. Make sure the back of the printer is 12" from the wall.

92-157 Y Axis Motor Cannot Home

94-207 Clean Print Carriage and Optical Home Sensor

Sensor may be dirty Clean Print Carriage Optical home sensor. See Cleaning and Maintenance section for cleaning sensors.

94-301 - 307 - Job Aborted:

301 - Print Job Aborted: The build chamber was too hot to continue job. Check ambient temperature and filter.
302 - Print Job Aborted: Z-axis and layer count mismatch. Call service to inspect z-axis if error occurs again.
303 - Print Job Aborted: The top door was opened while printing.
304 - Print Job Aborted: The planarizer cover was opened while printing.
305 - Print Job Aborted: The rear service panel was removed while printing.
306 - Print Job Aborted: Issue detected with the carriage board. Call service to inspect carriage board and cabling.
307 - Print Job Aborted: Issue detected with the PDAC board. Call service to inspect PDAC board and cabling.

The printer detected an issue requiring the job to be aborted.

Review cause for the aborted reason and retry the print job. Call service if required.