Inspect Planarizer Blade

Inspect Planarizer Blade

The planarizer blade will need to be inspected periodically and wiped off. Excess material can build up over time.

  1. In the UI click on Tools > Diagnostics > Inspect Planarizer Wiper Blade

Karst_Diagnostics IC.png

  1. Carriage will move out of the way and planarizer assembly will tilt, allowing access to the blade.

  2. Lift top door.

  3. Open planarizer cover to access wiper blade assembly.

  4. Wearing nitrile gloves, take a paper towel with isopropyl alcohol and wipe off excess buildup off of blade.

CAUTION: Blade is sharp, wipe blade with care.


  1. Close Planarizer access cover.
  2. Close top cover, carriage will return to home position.
  3. On the user interface, select Tools>Operator Maintenance>Planarizer Wiper Blade>Yes, that it has been cleaned.