Confirm Jets

Jet Check Routine

Perform this procedure to confirm that all printhead jets are working properly if:

  • You are installing the printer for the first time, or
  • The machine has not recently completed a print, or
  • Completed prints appear to be missing material (support or part material)

Items Needed:

  • (1) Clean print platform.
  • Nitrile Gloves

Note: Jet Check Routine can take several minutes to complete.


Test Jets.png

  1. Purge the printhead by selecting Tools > Diagnostics > Head Maintenance Cycle (1) through the UI.
  2. Next select Test Jets (2). If not platform is in the printer, you will be prompted to Access the Platform and install and confirm a clean platform.


  1. Once the print platform is installed, close the cover to the printer and the jet check routine will execute.


  1. Otherwise Select CONFIRM to start the test.


  1. Once the routine finishes, access the print platform to evaluate the printed image against the Jet Check Evaluation Criteria on the next page.
  2. If the image is acceptable (Pass), the printer is ready to start a build.
  3. If the image is unacceptable (Fail) repeat steps 1-4.

  4. If Jet Check Print does not pass after the third attempt, the printer will need to be serviced.
  5. Clean the print platform using the Cleaning Print Platform instructions.


There are a number of possible causes for jetting issues which would cause a failed result, some but not all are:

  • Thermal issues in the material delivery system
  • Cabling
  • Electronics and circuit boards
  • Head maintenance system
  • Printhead issues


Jet Check Evaluation Criteria

There are three criteria in which to evaluate the Jet Check Test Print. A fail in any of the three criteria results in a fail for the Jet Check and will require the procedure to be repeated or the printer to be serviced.

Evaluation Criterion 1 of 3:  What is the total count of gaps in the part and/or support material side of the print?

Part Material Pass: If there are 5 or less gaps in the part material side of the print

Support Material Pass: If there are 10 or less gaps in the support material side of the print

If both the part and support material pass, proceed to the second evaluation.

Jet Check A.png


Evaluation Criterion 2 of 3:  Are there 5 lines between the gaps in the same row of part or support material?


wax samples 1.jpg


If all gaps within a single row have 5 lines or more between them, proceed to the third evaluation.


Evaluation Criterion 3 of 3:  Are there at least 2 lines between a gap in a row above or below?

When performing this evaluation, only compare rows of part material to other rows of part material and only compare rows of support material to other rows of support material.


fail sample 1.png


sample 2.png