When To Change Solvent Bath

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Throughout processing of 2500W or 2500 IC printed parts the solvent bath will eventually become saturated with wax and no longer be as effective at removing support wax material. 3D Systems recommends you do not exceed 400-450 grams of support wax per gallon of VSWR. To know when to change your bath for optimal performance, and ease of disposal, follow the procedure below.

Items Needed:

  • Scale
  • Tracking Document


  1. Weigh your parts after de-bulking. Note this mass somewhere, and process parts like normal.
  2. Once parts are completely air dry, weigh the parts again.
  3. Note the difference between the before and after masses to know how much support wax you have added to your cleaning tank.
  4. Due to temperature fluctuations you may experience differences in the amount of support wax you are able to dissolve for a set time.
  5. Dispose of the used bath once you have dissolved 400-450 grams of support material per gallon of VSWR.