Network Issues

# Issue Description Customer Troubleshooting Steps
NI1 Computer unable to connect to printer because of network firewalls Contact your network administrator. The printer's IP address must be added as an exception on your firewall. You can find the printer's IP address by going to the Settings tab on the touch screen.
NI2 Unable to use proxy server for connection Proxy servers are not supported on this machine.
NI3 Unable to set static IP address from machine
  1. Please contact your network administrator to ensure you have a DHCP server and that it is set up correctly.
  2. Ensure that DHCP is enabled in the printer settings.
NI4 Printer unable to verify materials over network/Printer asks to "select previously scanned bottle" Contact your network administrator to ensure that:

  1. ( is made as an exception on your firewall.
  2. is made as an exception on your firewall
  3. Your printer is on the internet via at gateway/NAT.
  4. Ports 443 and 80 are open with encrypted connections.
  5. If MQG is confirmed to be working, but your bottle still will not scan, check if NTP (Network Time Protocol) UDP port 123 is open on your network. If the printer's time of day is desynchronized, this will result in barcode-scan failure, even with an active internet connection.
  6. See the Facility Requirements section of this guide for full network requirements.
NI5 Cannot connect to Internet via USB dongle Internet connection via USB is not available on this machine.
NI6 I am not sure if my network cable is bad Plug an Ethernet cable known to be working into the printer to test.
NI7 Printer cannot be discovered by 3D Sprint
  1. Can the printer be added to 3D Sprint by entering the printer’s IP address into 3D Sprint? If so, the printer may not be on the same subnet at the 3D Sprint PC - contact your network administrator. The same subnet is not required for 3D Sprint to connect to the printer, but is required for 3D Sprint to automatically discover printers.
  2. If the printer cannot be added via IP address: Ensure UDP/TCP ports 30302 through 30315 and 60518 are open on your LAN (do not need to be open in the WAN firewall)
  3. The printer may not have a valid IP or proper network configuration. (3D Sprint connection to the printer does not depend on Internet access)
  4. If static IP is being used, be sure to use DHCP
  5. Try to clean 3D Sprint database:
    1. Close 3D Sprint
    2. Open Documents folder
    3. Go to 3D Systems\3D Sprint -> this is the name of the 3D Sprint versions you are using
    4. Delete 3D Sprint.PrinterRegister file
    5. Go to PrinterDB folder
    6. Delete user.db file
    7. Start 3D Sprint and try to add the printer

Various issues with scanning material bottles


When you scan a material bottle, information is sent to 3D System's Material Quality Guarantee (MQG) Server. If your printer is having issues scanning material bottles, please work with your network administrator to complete the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. In a browser, on the same network as your printer, open If you see a blue page with the message Error 403 – Forbidden: Client certificate required, it confirms that your network is able to connect to MQG.
  2. Use MQG Server to verify MQG connectivity. Unzip the file and follow the attached instructions document in the zip file.
  3. Check that the printer has the latest firmware version and go to the settings screen to verify that the printer is getting an IP address.

If this is a new printer installation:

Your network configuration is not permitting external communication. See issue NI4, above for requirements.

If you have been able to print before and this is a new error:

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Your network configuration may have changed, such as new firewall rules. Ensure that the requirements from issue NI4, above, are all met. The printer may also have an invalid static IP configuration. Validate the configuration or switch the printer to DHCP mode.
  3. MQG Server might be down. This server goes down for less than 15 minutes per quarter, and is monitored by 3D Systems' firmware team.
  4. If the issue persists, contact your reseller.
NI9 Opening Network Ports
  1. In your web browser, visit the IP address of your router and sign into the admin menu.
  2. Open the firewall settings and navigate to the settings for open ports.
  3. Ensure all ports seen below are open.