Necessary Accessories

LC-3DPrint Box


CAUTION: Usage of the LC-3DPrint Box for post-curing parts is required for all NextDent™ print materials for end-use parts to be certified as medical devices. Usage of another UV oven will nullify this certification.

Material Bottles - The NextDent 5100 Printer uses various NextDent materials, which come in 1kg bottles. Please see the section Printer Materials and Properties for a complete list of currently supported print materials. nextdent-bottle.jpg

Ultrasonic Cleaner - Along with this, you should have stainless-steel and/or glass containers in which to place printed parts during cleaning.

NOTE: Neither 3D Systems, nor NextDent, supplies an ultrasonic cleaner. Please purchase the cleaner that is best for you from your local supplier.

This image is for example purposes only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any brand of ultrasonic cleaner.