Repackaging the NextDent 5100

If you are moving your printer to another facility in a vehicle, it is best to repackage the printer in its original packaging. If you did not keep your original packaging, contact your reseller to order a repacking kit. If you do not repackage the printer in its original packaging or in the packaging provided in the repacking kit, using the instructions in this section, you will assume liability for the printer in its move.

Repacking the Printer in its Original Packaging

  1. Place the bottom cardboard piece on the pallet as shown at the right. Place bottom foam pieces in the orientation shown, leaving room on the right for the accessories box.
  2. Place painter's tape around all door and lid seals as pictured.

CAUTION: Do not use any other tape besides painter's tape to seal the doors. This will ensure that your tape does not leave a sticky residue on the printer.

  1. Team-lift the printer into place on the foam pieces, as shown. Place plastic sleeve and blue foam pieces over printer as shown.
  1. Place items in accessories box as seen at the right. Be sure to use bubble wrap or similar package-protection measures.
    1. (bottom) Carbon Filter
    2. (middle) Resin-Tray Garage
    3. (top) Ethernet Cable
    4. Nitrile Gloves
    5. Print Platforms
    6. Platform Scraper, Part-Cleaning Brush, Wire Brush, Resin Mixer, Bubble Level, Punch Tool
    7. Resin Tray


  1. Place the accessories box in the long cardboard frame it originally came in. Use packing tape over it to secure it to the frame.
  1. Place cardboard frame with accessories box next to the printer box on the pallet. It should fit snugly in the empty slot, with the accessories box facing outward.
  1. Slide the outer box around the printer and accessories box.
  1. Insert packing clips in the holes on all four sides of the printer package. Close the clips to lock them in place.
  1. Use packing tape to seal the top of the box.
  2. Secure the box to the pallet using packing belts.

Your printer is now ready to move to another facility!