Inspect Projector Lens and All Cables

Frequency: Every two weeks
  1. Ensure that the power cable is in good shape. If the cable is damaged and/or any wiring is exposed, cease use of the printer and order a new power cable.
  1. Ensure the Ethernet cable is in good shape and that it still connects tightly on the network port of both the printer and your Ethernet outlet. If this cable is damaged and/or wiring is exposed, cease use of printer and replace Ethernet cable.

Inspect the area around both wired connections for dust collection and other debris. Keeping these areas clean will prevent a static hazard and potential damage to the printer.

  1. Clean the projector lens every two weeks or as needed. Use a clean-room swab and >90% alcohol solvent to wipe the projector lens of any dust. Be sure to wet the clean-room swab with the alcohol, rather than squirting it directly onto the lens. Wear 100% nitrile gloves whenever handling >90% alcohol solvent.

CAUTION: Do not use the printer if resin has spilled onto the projector, rather than just the lens. Do not attempt to clean the projector. Contact your reseller immediately.