Clean/Replace the Catch Tray

Remove and Clean the Catch Tray

Frequency: Weekly

Remove the catch tray and clean it of dust or any drops of resin with a clean-room wipe and 90% Alcohol Solution as described below.

If there has been a significant leak from the resin tray, replace the resin tray and install the new catch tray that came with the new resin tray.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to use a catch tray after it has captured a significant spill of resin.  It can be difficult to clean the glass well enough to ensure perfect transmission of the UV radiation to ensure good print quality.  Instead, replace the catch tray. 3D Systems is not responsible for print quality failures due to a contaminated catch tray. Do not attempt to clean the catch tray while it is still inside the printer. The cleaning methods discussed below could cause damage to printer components if attempted inside the printer.

ALWAYS WEAR 100% nITRILE GLOVES WHEN HANDLING THE CATCH TRAY, EVEN IF IT APPEARS THERE IS NO RESIN ON THE OUTSIDE OF IT. Getting fingerprints or other debris on the catch-tray GLASS can degrade print quality. remove/Hold the tray with both hands and upright to prevent spilling.


  1. Carefully pull the catch tray toward you until it comes off its track. Keep the tray upright at all times while pulling it out of the machine.


  1. If the catch tray glass is visually clean of dust and resin drips, skip to the section Replace the Catch Tray below. If the catch-tray glass has normal dust or other debris on it, proceed to Step 3. If only the catch-tray reservoirs have resin in them, proceed to Step 4. If the catch-tray glass only has a few drops of print material on it, proceed to Step 5.

CAUTION: Do NOT reuse print material that has spilled into the catch tray. Spilled material is no longer viable for printing, as contaminates could have mixed with it.

  1. You may use any of the following methods to clean dust or other debris off the catch tray:
    1. Use shop air to blow debris off both sides of the catch-tray glass. Be sure you clean both sides.
    2. Use a non-ammonia-based glass cleaner and a nonabrasive cloth to remove finger prints or other debris that is not print material. Be sure to clean both sides of the glass. After cleaning, use shop air or give the glass plenty of time to air dry before reinstalling.
  2. To clean spilled resin in the catch tray and discard it:
    1. Pour out and discard the resin in the catch tray according to all government regulations.
    2. Hold the catch tray over a drip pan and squirt 90% Alcohol Solution into the catch tray, tilting the tray so that all waste material comes out.
    3. Use a nonabrasive cloth or lint-free paper towel to dry the inside of the catch tray.
    4. Discard the catch tray and all waste products according to all government regulations.
Catch tray with clean glass


  1. To clean spots of resin on the catch-tray glass:
    1. Pour >90% alcohol solvent onto a nonabrasive cloth such as a clean-room wipe.
    2. Wipe the glass inside the catch tray until no more resin exists.
    3. Turn the catch tray over and, using a new cloth sprayed with 90% Alcohol Solution, wipe the glass on the bottom of the catch tray.
    4. Use shop air or give the glass plenty of time to air-dry before reinstalling.
  2. Inspect the catch tray, ensuring that the glass plate has not detached or become damaged during cleaning.




Replace the Catch Tray

Use the following instructions to reinsert the catch tray into the printer or to install a new catch tray.

CAUTION: Operating the printer without a catch tray installed risks getting material on the print-engine components, and risks over-curing of the printed parts, as the projector's radiation is filtered slightly by the catch-tray glass. Printing without a catch tray installed will also slightly alter the size of printed parts.


  1. Line up the catch tray on the rails.
  1. Hold up the catch tray, flush with the underside of the chassis, and push it toward the back of the printer until it stops at the back of the rails. See the picture below for the correct orientation to install the catch tray.


  1. Push gently against the front of the catch tray to ensure that it does not go back any more and is fully seated in the machine.