Cleaning the Printer

Frequency: Monthly

The external and internal parts of the printer should be cleaned according to the guidelines in the following sections. Here is a quick overview:

  1. Clean the flooring/walls/surfaces around the printer with >90% alcohol solvent to ensure that any resin drips have been wiped up. For cleaning dust and other debris, use a small vacuum or other method that does not release particulates in the air.
  2. Clean the outside printer frame, EXCEPT FOR THE LID, with >90% alcohol solvent and a nonabrasive cloth. Please see the section Inspect Printer Lid for instructions on cleaning the printer lid.
  3. Use >90% alcohol solvent and a nonabrasive cloth to clean elevator arms.
  4. The following sections will give instructions on how to remove and clean more-specific parts of the printer. Please review all sections before cleaning your printer to ensure you are properly cleaning each component.