Dry the Build Parts

3D Systems’ Infocenter Moves to Salesforce

The Infocenter has been the 3D Systems portal for customer-facing and service-facing product documentation (for example videos, software downloads, and material SDSs).  

As of Sept 26, 2022, the Infocenter content will be moved to Salesforce and will be accessible through the Salesforce Community https://support.3dsystems.com/s/.

Service Documentation Only

To access service documentation, you will need to sign into Salesforce Community using your Salesforce username and password. Everyone trained and currently authorized to service a particular printer will be able to access its service documentation.

If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact the infocenterhelp@3dsystems.com.

For information on the different methods for drying printed parts, please see the section Air-Drying Parts. Dry printed parts until you see no more liquid on their surfaces. For any drying method, please use the following guidelines:

  1. Always dry printed parts over a tub, lab paper towel, or absorbent cloth. Do NOT dry the part over a sink or tub that drains to normal wastewater.
  2. Discard any disposable towels used in the drying process according to all local, state and federal regulations. These towels have been in contact with uncured resin and solvents, and must be treated as such.
  3. On a regular basis, have a professional cleaning service wash any absorbent cloths used in the drying process.
  4. If you dry the part over a tub, periodically empty/clean it, discarding its contents according to all local, state, and federal regulations. The tub has been in contact with uncured resin and solvents and must be treated as such.
  5. If using an air compressor in the same room (as opposed to shop air), wear ear protection when it is in use.
  6. Always wear 100% nitrile gloves and safety glasses when handling partially cured printed parts. When drying with a high-pressure method, uncured resin or solvent may splash.
  7. If you come into contact with uncured resin during part drying or at any time, wash the affected area with soap and COLD water. Any clothes contaminated with uncured resin or solvent must be dry cleaned promptly.
  8. There might be remnants of supporting architecture left on your part(s). You can remove these supports by hand in the majority of cases. If you experience any issues removing supports, please see Troubleshooting item PCI4.
    dental-supports-061520181727.jpg dental-supports-v2-061520181730.jpg