Post Processing


Once your 3D build has completed, the part on the platform is considered green until it has been through post-processing. A green part must be handled with nitrile gloves at all times. This section describes how to post-process the part, rendering it safe to handle without nitrile gloves. You will need lint-free paper towels (or absorbent cloth) to catch resin that may drip from the part, as well as two stainless-steel or glass containers in which to submerge the part in >90% alcohol solvent.

always wear 100% nitrile gloves during post-processing procedures.

CAUTION: Always follow the precautions noted in the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for any resin or solvent being used. It is important to limit the exposure of the resin tray to light, as too much exposure will begin to solidify the resin inside it and render it unsuitable for part building. Place resin-tray cover over resin tray when not in use, close the printer door, or empty the material from the resin tray back into a material bottle of the same resin, sealing the bottle.

Remove Print Platform

  1. Allow the printed part to drain over the resin tray until resin stops dripping off the part. Once this is done, open the printer lid. You will see the screen below on the printer:


  1. Wearing nitrile gloves, tilt the print platform over the resin tray such that any remaining resin is drained into the resin tray.
  1. Place a paper towel or gloved hand under the part and lift the print platform out of the machine. The paper towel will keep resin from dripping on unwanted surfaces.

CAUTION: Do not remove the printed part from the print platform while both are still in the machine. Doing so risks getting partially cured print material in the resin tray, which will cause future builds to fail and/or cause the resin-tray membrane to puncture.

  1. If you have another print job in your 3D Sprint queue, or if you want to reprint the same job, you may now insert a clean print platform, as the screen in Step 1 suggests. Closing the printer lid at this time will show the screen at the right, whether you insert a new platform or not. You may now:
    1. Reprint the previous job
    2. Print the next job in your 3D Sprint queue. If there is no pending job in your 3D Sprint queue, you will not see the Next Job button.