Part Cleaning

After parts have finished building in the printer, it is necessary to clean them of any uncured resin using an ultrasonic cleaner. You will place the printed part inside a steel or glass container with >90% alcohol solvent. You will then place the container in the ultrasonic cleaner, which will send ultra-sonic sound waves through the solvent to agitate it. As with any solvent, the >90% alcohol solvent will become saturated and rendered ineffective over time. You will need to dispose of the solvent according to local, state, and federal regulations and fill the container(s) with fresh solvent. For more information on cleaning build parts with an ultrasonic cleaner, please see the section Cleaning Parts Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner.


Ultrasonic cleaner. This image is for sample purposes only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any brand of ultrasonic cleaner.