Catch Tray


Catch tray, front

A Catch Tray - Protects the bottom of the print engine from print material spills. Please note that you will receive a new catch tray with each resin tray ordered.
B Catch-Tray Rails - Guide catch tray into position and hold it in place. There is a sensor on the right rail that ensures the catch tray is fully seated. If the catch tray is not fully seated, the printer will not allow you to print. If you are printing and the catch tray becomes unseated, this will abort the print job.



Catch tray, top

A   Catch-Tray Glass - Allows UV radiation to pass through the catch tray to the bottom layer of print material.
B   Collection Areas - The catch tray is designed such that any resin spilled over it will be channeled into these areas.



Catch tray, side

A   Catch-Tray Rail Catch - Allows the catch tray to ride along the catch tray rails on the underside of the printer chassis
B   Catch-Tray Slider Stop - This allows the catch tray to stop moving forward when the tray has reached its rear limit during installation.