Status Tab

When you have print jobs in your 3D Sprint print queue and there is a material type loaded in the printer's memory, the status screen will look like this: 

A Status Tab - Tap this tab at any time to return to the "Status" screen.
B Build File Name - The name of the build file sent over from 3D Sprint.
C Print Preview - Shows the 3D model currently being printed
D Current Resin - This is the resin that is currently loaded on the printer.
E Status - The text shows the current state the printer is in
F Progress Bar - Shows the percent complete of the current print job
G Time Estimated - Time the printer should take to build the current job. This changes to Time Remaining when the job is being printed.
H Start Job Button - Tap this button to start the print setup process

First Time Turning Printer On

When you first power on the printer, it will not have any pending jobs or print material loaded. So the status screen will appear like the image at the right. At this point, you should queue print jobs in 3D Sprint and add print material either during the print process or from the Material tab. status-tab-first-time.jpg