Settings Tab

A Language - Select your preferred display language for the touch screen.
B IP Address - The IP address assigned to your printer. Use this address if 3D Sprint has trouble finding your printer on your network.
C Network Diagnostics - Tap this button to enter the Network Diagnostics screen, which will show where any disconnect might be for the printer. See the Network Diagnostics section for more information.
D Resin-Tray Cleaning Tool - Use this tool in the procedure Running a Resin-Tray Cleaning.
E Filters - Tells the date that the Carbon Filter and Air Filter were last changed
F Name - The name you gave your printer in 3D Sprint.
G Serial # - The serial number assigned to your printer. Use this number to sign up for printer documentation on
H Firmware - Tells the firmware version your printer is running
I MAC Address - Hardware address of the printer
Projector Power Settings - When directed by your reseller or 3D Systems Service to do so, tapping this button opens a screen where projector power can be adjusted.

CAUTION: DO NOT open this screen unless directed to do so by your reseller or 3D Systems Service. Failure to heed this warning can result in print defects and/or printer damage.