Abort a Print Job

There are two ways that you may abort the print job:

  1. Trip a printer sensor during a print.
  2. Tap the Abort button on the touch screen:

Safety Sensor is Tripped

The printer has three safety sensors that, when tripped, will abort the current print job without warning. In any of these cases, you will see the screen at the right and the elevator will move to the offload position.

  1. Lid - Because the resin cures with UV light, exposure of the printed part during printing to any other light besides that of the projector can cause a failed build and can cure the resin in the resin tray. For this reason, if you open the printer lid or lower-chamber door during printing, the print job will be aborted.
  2. Front Door - To avoid operator exposure to optical radiation, the printer will also abort the current job if the front door of the printer is opened during printing.
  3. Catch Tray - In the unlikely event that the catch-tray sensor malfunctions during a build, or if the catch tray becomes loose during a build, the print job will abort to protect the bottom of the print engine.

CAUTION: Take care not to place the printer in a place where it might be run into or shaken, causing any of the above actions to happen accidentally.


One of the three sensors might also trip just after you press the Start Job button in Step 5 of the section Start Printing. This will abort the pending job and you will see the screen below:



Tap "Abort" Button

  1. Tapping the Abort button during a print will not immediately abort the print. You will see the popup at the right. Tapping the Abort button on this screen will abort the job. There is no further warning.
  1. You will see the screen at the right and the elevator will stop.
  1. Once the build is aborted in either case, the printer's Status screen will appear like the one at the right. You can take the following actions:
    1. Tap the Reprint button to restart the build. This will begin the printing process again from Step 1 in the section Start Printing.
    2. Tap the Next Job button to prepare the printer for accepting a new build.