Install Resin Tray

NOTE: A print platform should not be installed during this procedure.

CAUTION: If tension system is damaged in some way, do not attempt to force any components to engage/disengage. Doing so could further damage the tension system, as well as other parts of the printer. Contact 3D Systems Service immediately.

Wear 100% nitrile gloves whenever reaching inside the print chamber.



  1. Open the front door of the printer.
  1. Push in the tension-arm release lever on the front of the tension arm and lift up the tension arm. The arm will stay in place in the up position.


  1. Carefully lower the resin tray into place, concave side up, as seen at the right. It should fit snugly in the holder on the chassis.


  1. Apply tension to the membrane by flipping down the manual tension arm until the release lever locks it in place.

CAUTION: Major build defects and/or membrane failure will result if a print is attempted on an untensioned membrane.