Change Air Filter

Frequency: Every 3 months, or when prompted by touch screen

The air filter is located on the back of the lower build chamber. A fan inside the printer pulls air in to cool off the printer components. This filter keeps contaminants out of the air being pulled in. If the filter gets resin on it, it must be replaced IMMEDIATELY.

CAUTION: If you need to move the printer to perform this procedure, you must remove the resin tray and place it in its garage before beginning. Also, you will need to lift all leveling feet to move the printer and will need to re-level the printer once this procedure is done.

CAUTION: Failure to change the filter when prompted could lead to a clogged filter, which would block the cooling fan from taking in air. This could cause printer parts to overheat and fail. Similarly, installing a damaged or used air filter may result in overhearing or debris getting in the lower print chamber.


  1. Remove the two hand screws securing the bracket to the printer.
  1. Pull the filter out by the cardboard. Discard the filter with your normal trash.
  1. Inspect the new filter to ensure that it is not damaged in anyway or dirty. Install your new air filter with the convex part facing out.
  1. Replace the air-filter bracket and secure with screws taken out in Step 1. Be certain that the screw is tightened adequately and that the bracket fits snugly on the printer frame.