System Installation

Installation of your system encompasses four separate steps:

  1. Purchase and arrival of third-party equipment or supplies you may have ordered.
  2. Delivery of your NextDent system shipment.
  3. Uncrating and installation of your NextDent system components.

System Uncrating

The uncrating and installation of the NextDent 5100 will be performed by the printer operator. The weight of the printer requires a minimum of two people to lift it safely.


Scheduling Time for Your Installation

The installation of the system should only take an hour or less.

Preparing for System Installation

In preparing your facility for NextDent system placement, you must consider four main factors:

  • Make sure that you have the necessary doorway and passageway clearance to move either the crated or uncrated components to their final destinations, including space for the people who are carrying the unit.
  • Make sure that you have an adequate pallet jack, hand truck, or another person to help move the system and its accessories.
  • If you use equipment to lift the printer, verify that it is rated for the load of the system components.
  • Do not prepare a desk/table/countertop for the printer unless it is rated to hold a load of at least 34.5 kg (76 lbs).

Minimum Passageway and Door Openings

Most standard doorways and halls provide adequate access for moving the system. If the NextDent 5100 Printer is lifted on its narrow side, each passageway and doorway must be wide enough to move and turn a printer measuring 42.6 x 48.9 x 97.2 cm (16.8 x 19.3 x 38.3 in), in addition to accommodating the people or equipment used to move the printer.

Determine the pathway from where the crated components are stored to where your NextDent system will be installed. Walk the path from the storage location to the final destination of the system, and measure any critical doorways or passageways to ensure that the equipment can be moved through the area.

If a passageway or doorway is too small for the crated NextDent system, it may be necessary to remove the NextDent system from its crate before moving the unit. A standard door that is 2-2.4m (6.5-8 ft) tall and 0.61-1.1m (2-3.5 ft) wide should accommodate the system and its accessories.