Resin Tray Care

This page provides a one-stop reference for the proper care and usage of your NextDent 5100 Resin Tray. Please visit the links below and watch the videos below for more information.

Resin Tray Care Videos

Resin Tray Dos and Don'ts

Perform a Resin Tray Cleaning

Clean the Print Platform


Clean Resin Tray Regularly

Running the Resin Tray Cleaning Job After a Failed Build

Clean Membrane Interface Lip

Clean Print Platform

Clean Tension System


Resin-Tray Garage


Prepare Resin Tray

Install Resin Tray

Fill Resin Tray with Material

Material Changeover

Physical Steps to Change Print Material

Resin Tray Material Cross-Usage


Overview - Resin Tray

Overview - Upper Build Chamber

Overview - Tension System

Overview - Resin Mixer

Resin Stirring and Curing Chart

Troubleshooting - Resin Cures in the Resin Tray From Ambient Light Sources