Problem Possible Cause Solution

Low Water Light illuminates

  1. Low water in the reservoir.
  2. Fine cleaning fluid or wax buildup in the water reservoir
  3. Pilot light malfunction.
  1. Add hot water to the reservoir to bring to correct level.
  2. Empty and clean reservoir then refill with fresh water.
  3. If light is still on, call your certified partner for service.
The On/Off light does not come on and unit does not heat.
  1. Unit not plugged in.
  2. Wall plug circuit breaker tripped.
  3. Heating element malfunction.
  4. Thermostat control malfunction.
  1. Ensure warmer is plugged in.
  2. Reset circuit breaker.
  3. Call your certified partner for service.
The On/Off light comes on, unit does not heat.
  1. Thermostat knob set too low
  2. Heating element malfunction
  3. Thermostat control malfunction
  1. Turn thermostat knob to higher setting

-Recommended knob settings:

10 for bulk wax removal unit

6 for fine wax removal unit

  1. Call your certified partner for service.

The unit does not get hot enough.

  1. Too much water in reservoir.
  2. Too little water in reservoir.
  1. Reduce the amount of water to correct level.
  2. Adjust the amount of water to correct level.
When in use, the unit runs out of water in a short time.
  1. Not using supplied pans.
  2. Warmer unit cover lid not correctly seated.
  3. Unit is set to the maximum temperature.
  1. Use the supplied pans.
  2. Re-position lid so it seats properly on the warmer unit.
  3. Turn heat dial to its lowest temperature setting when not in use.
Light colored parts have dark spots on them after post processing
  1. Dark parts were processed in the Fine Wax System.
  1. Process dark and light parts in separate Fine Wax Removal baths.
Part has wax still trapped in corners or crevices.
  1. Part did not soak in fine wax removal solution long enough.
  1. Place part back in fine wax removal warmer for another 5-10 minutes and check for complete wax removal.
Parts coming out of the fine wax removal bath are still waxy (slimy feel).
  1. EZ Rinse-C or Mineral oil solution is saturated with dissolved wax
  2. Steamer temperature may be too low.
  1. Test for saturation by allowing the EZ Rinse-C or Mineral oil solution to cool to room temperature. If it becomes solid or has solid chunks within it, the solution is saturated. Replace with clean EZ Rinse-C or Minearal oil and warm up before repeating cleaning process.
  2. Check temperature settings.

Service and Repair

If the unit is not operating properly, check the table above to see if you can determine the problem. If this is unsuccessful, call your Certified Partner for service.