Optional Accessories

LC-3DMixer - This is the recommended solution for mixing Figure 4 resins. Please see the section Mixing, Stirring, and Curing Chart for more information. lc-3d-mixer-hero.jpg
Pedestal - to sit your Figure 4 Standalone Printer on top of and store frequently used tools. It also allows for easy movement of the printer on its wheels. The pedestal is included with your shipment, but is not required for the printer to function properly. pedestal-open.jpg

Ultrasonic Cleaner - Along with this, you should have stainless-steel and/or glass containers in which to place printed parts during cleaning.

NOTE: 3D Systems does not supply an ultrasonic cleaner. Please purchase the cleaner that is best for you from your local supplier.

This image is for example purposes only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any brand of ultrasonic cleaner.