Setting Up Your Printer

The following items and accessories are contained in the printer package. 

Figure 4 Standalone Printer denal-lab-mockup.jpg
Resin Tray - Contains the print material during part building. print-tray-400.jpg
Print Platform (x2) - The 3D-printed part adheres to the print platform during part building. print-plat-CAD-top.jpg
Catch Tray - Prevents resin spills from entering the lower build chamber, should the resin-tray membrane be punctured. This comes installed in the printer. catch-tray-side-out-machine.jpg
Power Cord (country specific) - To connect printer to power source. The power cord has been packaged with your printer by your reseller to ensure you receive the correct power cord for your region. power-cord-NA.jpg
Resin Mixer - Used to mix the liquid Figure 4 resin while in the resin tray print-tray-comb.jpg
Punch Tool - Used to remove the printed part from the print platform from underneath, and to clear the print-platform holes of partially cured resin. hole-puncher-hero.gif

Carbon Filter - Prevents print-material fumes from exiting the process chamber. You will install this in the Carbon-Filter Bracket, as seen below.


Resin Tray Garage - Used to cover a resin-filled resin tray inside or outside the printer, so as to protect it from UV-light exposure and external contaminates print-tray-garage.jpg
Platform Scraper - Used to scrape any residual partially cured material off the print platform putty-knife-v2.jpg
Intake Filter - Keeps dust out of the printer while feeding air to the cooling fan intake-filter.jpg
Bubble Level - Used to level the printer before its first use bubble-level.jpg
Part-Cleaning Brush - Used to aid in cleaning partially cured resin off the print platform and printed part part-cleaning-brush-pro.jpg
Platform-Cleaning Fixture - Used to hold the print platform in a tub of solvent during platform cleaning print-platform-stand.jpg
Ethernet Cable ethernet-cable-pro.jpg
Wire Brush - Used to help clean print platforms that have run ELAST-BLK 10 resin wire-brush-v2.jpg