UV Cure the Parts

LC-3DPrint Box

The recommended post-curing oven for the Figure 4 Standalone is the NextDent LC-3DPrint Box. Please see the section General Post-Curing Requirements for information on the specs an alternate post-curing oven must have

  1. After the part is completely dry, insert the part into the middle of the LC-3DPrint Box. If there are multiple parts, ensure there is some space between them on the oven platform. The LC-3DPrint Box has been tested to work with Figure 4 resins. Ideal, tested curing times for this oven are outlined in the Material Stirring and Curing Chart in the "Operation" section of this manual.

    CAUTION: Use nitrile gloves whenever touching or operating the LC-3DPrint Box. Normal usage of the box will most likely get uncured resin on the box handle and buttons; so it is always best to take this precaution. Also, the printed parts are still "green" at this stage, not yet fully polymerized and not safe to touch without gloves.



  1. Follow instructions in your UV oven instruction manual to begin the post-curing process.  If you have the LC-3DPrint Box, the instruction manual can be found both in the packaging or by downloading the link here: NextDent LC 3D-Printbox Instructions for Use.
  2. Please see the Material Stirring and Curing Chart in the "Operation" section of this manual for resin curing times. Do not open the curing chamber door until the curing process has been completed. The LC-3DPrint Box has a sensor that will turn the machine off during curing if the lid is open. Please see the User Guide of the resin you are using for full post-curing instructions.

    CAUTION: Be careful not to over-cure the part. Over-curing can cause discoloration and part warping.

  3. Once the printed part has been fully cured, open the UV oven's lid and let the part cool for about five minutes. Letting the parts cool to room temperature is even more desirable.
  4. Remove the part from the UV oven, using nitrile gloves when opening and closing the oven.
  5. The printed part is now safe to touch without nitrile gloves.