Remove Printed Parts From Platform

You must now remove the printed part(s) from the print platform to prepare them for cleaning.

WEAR 100% nitrile gloves whenever handling uncured or partially cured print material.

CAUTION: Ensure that any tools you use in post-processing have been cleaned since their last use.


  1. Put a nonabrasive cloth/lint-free paper towel underneath the print platform. Using the included punch tool, remove printed part from the print platform by pushing on it through the top side of the platform. Hold it the way you would a rubber stamp.


  1. Once the parts are off the platform, rinse them in IPA by hand, holding them over a container that can catch the solvent.

Special Considerations for Elastomeric Resins

If you are running elastomeric resins, such as ELAST-BLK 10, it may be difficult to remove parts from the print platform using only the punch tool. If this is the case, perform the following steps:

  1. Use the punch tool as described in Step 1 above. This will get the part started in detaching from the platform.
  1. Use the Platform Scraper to fully remove the part from the platform.
  1. For instructions on removing the remaining, partially cured resin, see the section Clean Print Platform.