LC-3DPrint Box

Sold separately from the printer, this is the post-curing oven that is recommended for use with the Figure 4 Standalone printer. Please see the complete User Guide that comes packaged with the LC-3DPrint Box for full usage instructions. For information on resin stirring times, please refer to the Resin Stirring and Curing Chart.


A Power Button - Switches machine on/off
B Front Panel - Graphical User Interface for oven. This shows information about the lamps, the time left for curing, and error messages.
C Oven Lid - Insert a printed part through this top opening. The lid has a safety interlock that stops the oven when the lid is open.
D Lamp Status Indicators - These indicators will turn red when the UV lamp pair needs to be changed. See the oven's Instructions for Use for more information.
E Timer - Shows time remaining in curing cycle
F Increasing Button - Increases operation time
G Decreasing Button - Decreases operation time
H Program Button - Toggles between preset operation times of 10, 20, and 30 minutes
I Start/Stop Button - Starts and stops oven operation
J UV Lamp - The oven comes with six 18W, 71-color lamps and six 18W, 78-color lamps. See the oven's Instructions for Use for information on correct orientation of lamps.
K Glass Plate - Holds the printed part during curing