Update Printer Firmware via 3D Sprint

3D Systems’ Infocenter Moves to Salesforce

The Infocenter has been the 3D Systems portal for customer-facing and service-facing product documentation (for example videos, software downloads, and material SDSs).  

As of Sept 26, 2022, the Infocenter content will be moved to Salesforce and will be accessible through the Salesforce Community https://support.3dsystems.com/s/.

Service Documentation Only

To access service documentation, you will need to sign into Salesforce Community using your Salesforce username and password. Everyone trained and currently authorized to service a particular printer will be able to access its service documentation.

If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact the infocenterhelp@3dsystems.com.

Whenever you open 3D Sprint, as long as the Figure 4 Standalone is set as your default printer, the system will always check to see if your printer has the most up-to-date firmware. If the firmware is not up-to-date, Sprint will show you a popup prompt to update it. Click the button to update. If you choose to update the firmware at a later date, please close the popup and follow the instructions below when you are ready to update.


NOTE: You must be running >3D Sprint 2.13 to use this update method. Both your 3D Sprint computer and the printer must be on the same network to update the printer's firmware. The update cannot be installed during printing.

CAUTION: For users on firmware 1.0, it is recommended to instead update firmware via the Update Installer.


  1. Click the Printer Tools button.
sprint printer tools btn.jpg
  1. Click the Check for Updates button. This will either give you a popup to update the printer's firmware or a popup that will tell you that the printer's firmware is up to date.
sprint check for updates btn.jpg
  1. If there is new firmware, click Yes to install and the update will download to your PC.
  1. Click the C:\ link in the popup to locate where the file is stored, and transfer the file to the root folder of your USB drive.

  1. Plug the USB drive into your printer; and you will see the screen at the right. Tap Install.
  1. On the printer, ensure that you see the "Update Complete!" screen at the right. If you do not see this, navigate to the Settings tab to check if the firmware version has been updated. If it has not, perform the upgrade again. If the issue persists, contact your reseller.