Update Printer Firmware via Update Installer

Whenever a new firmware file is released for the printer, a desktop installation file will be posted in the Software Downloads section of the printer website. Follow the instructions below to download and install this update.


NOTE: Both your personal computer and the printer must be on the same network to update the printer's firmware using this method. The update cannot be installed during printing.

CAUTION: For users on firmware 1.1.1, it is recommended to instead update firmware via 3D Sprint.


  1. Visit the Software Downloads page and download the Latest Firmware Installer for Network Installation.
  1. Locate the downloaded zip file on your PC. Unzip the folder and open the Figure_4_Update_Installer.exe file. You will see the screen at the right.

NOTE: You may receive a warning about opening a file from an unknown publisher. This is normal. Tell the window to "open anyway."

  1. Enter the IP address of your printer (found on the Settings tab) and click Install Update. The installation will take up to 15 minutes. If on a VPN, the installation could take longer, depending on connection speeds.
  1. The update will begin to automatically install on the printer. Do not unplug, restart, or perform any tasks on the printer. When finished, you will see the screen at the right on the Update Installer. You may now close the installer. To install the update on another printer, re-open the Update Installer.
  1. On the printer, ensure that you see the "Update Complete!" screen at the right. If you do not see this, navigate to the Settings tab to check if the firmware version has been updated. If it has not, perform the upgrade again. If the issue persists, contact your reseller.
Your firmware has successfully been updated!