Material Tab

The Material Tab contains information on the material that is currently loaded in the system for printing, and also allows you to change the material you wish to print with. However, you do not have to use this screen to change materials, as the printing process gives you the opportunity to do so. The printer will keep track of how much material is left in each bottle of material that has been scanned to the machine. It will also keep track of the expiration dates of your materials.

A Material Tab - Tap this tab to access the menu and its options 
B Material Name - The name of the material that is currently set for printing appears here. While the printer will keep track of the status of multiple bottles, the printer may only be set up to print with one bottle at a time. See the section Add/Change Material and Scan Bottle for more information.
C Material Part Example - This display demonstrates what a part printed with this material could look like.
D Lot Number - Also called the "batch number," this refers to the batch of material that your bottle was sourced from.
E Exp. Date - The expiration date of the material. After this date, the material is no longer certified to print parts used as medical devices.
F Change Material - Please see the section Add/Change Material and Scan Bottle.