Start Printing

Prepare Build File in 3D Sprint

Before printing can begin, you must prepare a 3D model in 3D Sprint, slice the file, and export the sliced file to the printer. When in the 3D Sprint Software, you can click the help icon new.png icon, or press F1, for full software instructions. If you do not wish the print job over your network, please follow the steps in the section Submit Build File via USB.

Printing for the First Time

If you are building for the first time on the printer, the Quick-Start Guide will walk you through running a verification build to ensure the printer is functioning normally. It is highly recommended to print this part before attempting any other builds on the printer. This build is not meant to test the printed parts for accuracy. To test accuracy, please follow the instructions in the section Accuracy Wizard.

CAUTION: Do not run this test print without resin in the resin tray. It is necessary to print the part and observe part quality to ensure that the test print was a success.

Print Process 

  1. Once you have sent a build file to the printer from 3D Sprint, the printer's Status screen will look like the screen at the right. Tap the Start Job button.

NOTE: If the pending print job requires a resin that is different than the one loaded on the printer, you will be prompted to take steps to change the loaded print material, as seen in the section Change Material Before Printing.

  1. The QR-code scanner below the touch screen will be activated and the printer will ask you to scan a bottle of the print material sent over in the build file from 3D Sprint. You will see a screen similar to the one at the right. Ensure you are scanning the correct material bottle and hold the bottle's QR code in the path of the scanner such that the center dot is in the middle of the QR code.


  1. If the scan is successful, you will see a screen similar to the one at the right. If the scan is not successful, this could be due to a few different reasons, which are outlined in the section Printer Error Messages.
  1. The printer will remind you to perform three tasks before proceeding with the print job. Tap each check box as you perform each task.
    1. Empty and clean print platform, as in the section Clean Print Platform.
    2. Mix the material, as in the section Mixing, Stirring, and Curing Chart. This refers both to stirring the material that is currently present in the resin tray and mixing the material that is in the bottle.
    3. Fill the resin tray from the material bottle you just scanned, as in the section Fill Resin Tray With Material.
  1. Tap Start Job button.
  1. You will see a screen like the one at the right, with the progress bar showing the "percent complete" of the print job. You will also see a print preview of what is currently printing. You may abort the print job at any time by tapping the Abort button. Please see the section Abort a Print Job for more information.
  1. Once the job has completed, you will see a screen like the one at the right. Please proceed to the section Post Processing.