Mixing Material in the Resin Tray

Resin that is left in the resin tray between builds needs to be stirred periodically. In this case, you would use the Resin Mixer to stir the resin, as seen below. Refer to the Material Stirring and Curing Chart for information on stirring materials.

CAUTION: Failure to sufficiently mix resins before each build may result in color deviation and/or print failure.

CAUTION: Ensure that the comb is clean before each use. To clean the comb, wipe it with a nonabrasive cloth and the recommended solvent.


  1. Run the comb through the resin, with the sharp end (A) facing down. Grip the comb on the indented gripper (B). Please see the images below for the proper stirring technique.

CAUTION: Do not scrape the comb's blade from side to side like a knife. Rather, move it back and forth like an ice scraper.


  1. Holding the comb slanted, run it back and forth through the resin, careful not to put too much pressure on the resin-tray film. Do this for the time prescribed in the Material Stirring and Curing Chart, or until all resin that has stuck on the resin-tray film has been scraped off. You are looking for stuck-on resin spots like that which is circled below:


  1. After stirring, allow the resin mixer to drip resin back into the resin tray and then wipe excess resin off the comb with a nonabrasive cloth.

CAUTION: Putting too much pressure on the resin-tray film can dent or puncture the film, rendering the tray unusable. The film cannot be replaced by itself; if the film is damaged, the whole resin tray must be replaced.

CAUTION: Puncturing the resin tray will force a full tray's worth of print material into the catch tray. Use extra caution when handling a full catch tray.

CAUTION: If the resin tray gets punctured, discard it in the same way you would other materials that have been in contact with liquid resin.

CAUTION: Take care not to slosh resin out of the resin tray while stirring. If this happens, you will have to clean the parts of the printer that the resin got on.

  1. Repeat the stirring process as indicated by the Material Stirring and Curing Chart.

CAUTION: Be sure to clean the comb with IPA between uses. Failure to do so risks mixing unstirred resin or different resin in with material currently in the resin tray.