Third Party Supplies and Equipment

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3D Systems™ provides this partial list of equipment and supplies/accessories that are useful for handling, processing or finishing Figure 4 parts. You should keep a list of preferred vendors for any 3D-print-related products you may order. Equipment and supplies are not limited to this list, as you may find other products and methods that more suit your needs.

NOTE: Customers are responsible for consulting local health, safety, and environmental regulations to determine additional site requirements. No information that is contained in this document constitutes legal advice regarding such requirements. 3D Systems™ has no responsibility to determine whether or not the customer is in compliance with applicable laws, nor do we guarantee the accuracy or quality of the supplier product.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - While a UPS is not required for use with the Figure 4 Standalone Printer, you may wish to use one for battery backup of your printer in the case of a power surge or outage.

UV Filter Screens - While these are not required, you may need to install filters over windows and lights so as not to cure any exposed print material before printing.

Disposable Lint-Free Paper Towels - You will use lint-free paper towels for assisting in cleaning printed parts, printer components, and resin spills.

CAUTION: It is necessary to use lint-free paper towels, as lint from other types of paper towels can stick on the printed part or printer component. Lint on the printed part can cause improper final part curing in the UV oven. Lint on printer components can contaminate the resin on the print platform and in the resin tray, causing the printed part to lose accuracy or causing a build to crash.

Clean-Room Swabs - You will need clean-room swabs to clean the projector lens.

Cellulose Wadding - This absorbent material is useful for covering your Figure 4 workbench, as well as for absorbing solvents during air drying of printed parts.

Chemically Resistant Gloves - 3D Systems recommends the use of 100% nitrile gloves whenever handling uncured resin, partially cured printed parts, and solvents.

Eye-Wash Station - This may be designed specifically for eye-washing or may be an adapter that fits onto an existing faucet.

Fire Extinguisher - NFPA Class B such as CO2, dry-chemical, or foam

Hazardous-Materials Waste Can - While it is optional to get a fire-proof waste can, you must have a waste can approved to contain Figure 4 resins, according to all local, state, and federal regulations.

Storage Cabinet - This is for storing resin bottles and other Figure 4-related equipment. You may choose to get a fire-proof cabinet; but it is not required to be fire-proof.

Lab Coats - Optional measure to protect your clothes/skin from uncured print material and solvents.

IPA, EZ Rinse C, Propylene Carbonate, and/or 5 wt% Elma Tec A4 Solution - These solvents are used in cleaning printed parts, printer components, and areas where resin has spilled.

Safety Glasses (405 nm radiation blocking) with side shielding - The printer operator should not be exposed to hazardous radiation from the printer or curing oven. However, in the case of an emergency where radiation emits from these devices, it is recommended to wear eye protection.

NextDent LC-3DPrint Box - Please see the section LC-3DPrint Box for more information.

NextDent LC-3DMixer - Please see the section LC-3DMixer for more information.