Clean Upper-Build-Chamber Door

This section assumes you have either shut down or disabled the Printer you are inspecting.

Because it is made of acrylic, the upper-build-chamber door requires special cleaning instructions that must be followed to avoid damage and printer downtime. Inspect the door for material splashes and dust/debris (particularly on the inside of the door).


Clean Acrylic Door

This door must be cleaned with a specialty product such as Novus No. 1 or Brillianize. A mild solution of soap or detergent and water can also be safely used. DO NOT use window-cleaning fluids with ammonia (such as Windex or Formula 409), gasoline, denatured alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, or acetone. Using any of these will cause the acrylic to crack.

  1. Apply the cleaning product with a damp, nonabrasive, lint-free cloth. Using a microfiber cloth or cellulose sponge is also acceptable.
  2. Rinse with a nonabrasive cloth and clean water.
  3. Blot-dry with a chamois cloth, damp cellulose sponge, or microfiber cloth to prevent water spotting
  4. Remember to clean both sides of the door.
  5. In rare cases, the door can acquire a static charge, which can attract material to its surface. Material can also splash onto the door if a failed build falls off the platform and into the resin tray. If there is material on the door, follow Steps 1-4, above, and then wipe down the door with an anti-static cloth to dissipate any charge that might be there.

NOTE: Grease, oil, and tar may be removed with hexane, naptha or kerosene. Be sure to wash these solvents off quickly to prevent damage to the acrylic.