Check Print-Platform Level

If the print surface on the print platform is not level, it will affect the quality of your builds and may even lead to build failure. If a print platform is not level, do not attempt to bend it to try and make it level; it must be discarded according to all government regulations. This section describes how to identify the two ways in which your platform might be bent.

Ensure that you have cleaned the print platform completely before performing these steps.

Identify a Convex Print Platform

  1. Place the print platform, print-surface down, on a level surface.
  2. Place a spacer of some kind that is between 0.5mm - 0.75mm thick (such as a credit card, shim, or washer) on the same level surface next to the platform.

    NOTE: This test will be more accurate the closer your spacer is to 0.5mm.

  3. Slide the spacer against one corner of the platform and ensure that the spacer does NOT fit underneath. If the spacer does fit underneath, the platform is convex on that corner.
  1. Perform this check for each corner of the platform. If the spacer fits under any corner, the platform is convex and must be discarded.

Identify a Concave Print Platform

  1. Obtain a small spacer between 0.5mm - 0.75mm thick, such as a round shim or washer. Place the spacer on a level surface.
  2. Place the print platform, print-surface down, on top of the spacer such that the spacer is in the center of the platform.


Shown upside-down for clarity

  1. Gently push down on each of the four sides of the platform, one-at-a-time, and ensure that the platform rocks in the direction you are pushing. If the platform does NOT rock, it is an indication that the platform surface is concave.


Passed test - the platform tilts and is NOT concave. It may be reused.



Failed test - the platform does not tilt and is concave. It may NOT be reused. Platform bend in this image is exaggerated for clarity.