Resin Tray

The MDM will fill the resin tray with material before printing. The Printer works with all the materials specified in the section Figure 4 Material Cartridges. The Figure 4 Modular system comes with one resin tray per Printer purchased. If the resin tray is sufficiently cleaned in between builds, it is possible to use a different material in the same resin tray. However, not every material can share the same tray, even if the resin tray is cleaned. Please see the section Resin Tray Material Cross-Usage for more information. More importantly, using a different material is not as simple as changing out the resin tray. Please see the section Material Changeover for more information.


A Material Fill Levels - These graduated markings help you to see how full the resin tray is. However, the material fill levels can only be changed by 3D Systems Service and may vary between materials.
B Fill Channels - Used to facilitate the flow of material in the tray during material pumping
C Tension Slots - The pneumatic tension arms fasten over these slots.
D Transparent Membrane - This proprietary membrane allows oxygen to pass through, ensuring that material does not cure on the membrane under normal building conditions.
E QR Code/Serial Number - The QR Code has the serial number embedded in its pattern. These give the resin tray a unique identification that can be read by a QR-code scanner.

Tension Arms

Using shop air that flows through the system, the Printer uses pneumatics to open and close tension arms on the resin tray. The tension arms should always be clamped during printing. You will not be able to remove a resin tray unless you turn the tension off by pushing the tension toggle button inside the lower build chamber.

WARNING: Failure to avoid the pneumatic tension arms may result in personal injury. Avoid the tension arm areas at all times.

tension-on.jpg tension-off.jpg
Tension off Tension on


Tension toggle button


Resin Tray Garage

The resin-tray garage can be used to store a resin tray with material outside the machine, keeping UV light and contaminants out. The lid can also be used to cover the resin tray while in the machine.


WEAR GLOVES: Due to the possibility of material being on the the RESIN-tray garage, wear 100% nitrile gloves whenever handling it, even if it appears clean.