Material Cartridge


A Cartridge Key - Interfaces with the Cartridge Guide in the MDM to help ensure that that cartridge is installed in the correct orientation
B Valve Cap - Protects the cartridge valve from external elements while in storage.

Top of Cartridge 

A Carry Handle - Always carry the material cartridge by this handle.
B Ventilation Cap - Vents the material cartridge to prevent negative pressure inside

Bottom of Cartridge 

A Cartridge Valve - Engages the Material-Cartridge Coupler in the MDM and opens/closes to facilitate material flow from the cartridge to the machine.
B Cartridge Chip - This contains memory of all material cartridge information to be passed onto the machine.


Cartridge Stand

As seen in the images above, the Modular material cartridges have features on the bottom that prevent them from standing up straight on their own in storage. The cartridge stand has a groove cut out to accommodate these features to allow the cartridge to stand up.