Controller User Interface

3D Systems’ Infocenter Moves to Salesforce

The Infocenter has been the 3D Systems portal for customer-facing and service-facing product documentation (for example videos, software downloads, and material SDSs).  

As of Sept 26, 2022, the Infocenter content will be moved to Salesforce and will be accessible through the Salesforce Community

Service Documentation Only

To access service documentation, you will need to sign into Salesforce Community using your Salesforce username and password. Everyone trained and currently authorized to service a particular printer will be able to access its service documentation.

If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact the


The Figure 4 Modular has a 53 cm (21 in.) touchscreen, along with a keyboard/touchpad, to control the functions of the system. Please use the following guidelines when using the touchscreen:

  1. The touchscreen is a capacitive touch screen, meaning that it registers an input whenever something holding an electric charge (like fingers) touches it. Touch input has been tested to work with lab-quality, powder-free gloves; however, you should ensure that you do not touch the screen if you have recently handled uncured material or partially cured printed parts. This is to keep the functionality of the screen intact and to not contaminate it.
  2. If material does get on the screen, clean immediately with IPA or EtOH and a nonabrasive cloth.
  3. To wipe fingerprints off the touch screen, use a microfiber cloth.
  4. Do not attempt to remove the touch screen or its mount from the Controller.
  5. If the touch screen becomes damaged to the point of not functioning properly, cease printing and contact 3D Systems Service.

The GUI has three tabs with different functionality, as well as a fly-out menu. Please see the breakdown below, as well as a detailed view of each screen in the sections that follow.


A Fly-out Menu Button - Tap this button to open up the Fly-out Menu from the left side of the screen. Please see the section Fly-out Menu for more information.
B Status Tab - Tap this button to go to the Status screen. Please see the section Status Screen for more information.
C Queue Tab - Tap this button to go to the Queue screen. Please see the section Queue Screen for more information.
D Settings Tab - Tap this button to go to the Settings screen. Please see the section Settings Screen for more information.
E Queue Status - This displays the number of print jobs currently in the print queue.