Resin Tray Care

This page provides a one-stop reference for the proper care and usage of your Figure 4 Modular Resin Tray. Please visit the links below and watch the videos below for more information.

Resin Tray Care Videos

Resin Tray Dos and Don'ts

Perform a Resin Tray Cleaning

Clean the Print Platform


Clean Resin Tray Regularly

Running the Resin Tray Cleaning Job After a Failed Build

Clean Membrane Interface Lip

Clean Print Platform

Clean Tension Arms


Resin-Tray Garage


Prepare Resin Tray

Install Resin Tray

Fill Resin Tray with Material

Material Changeover

MCO Procedure

Resin Tray Material Cross-Usage


Overview - Resin Tray

Overview - Upper Build Chamber

Overview - Resin Mixer

Premix Resin Before Bottle Installation

Hardware Troubleshooting