Remove Print Platform

CAUTION: Do not remove the printed part from the print platform while both are still in the machine. Doing so risks getting partially cured print material in the resin tray, which will cause future builds to fail and/or cause the resin-tray membrane to puncture.


  1. Wait until the print platform has moved to its offload position, so that the elevator is not moving. The gray dowel near the top of the elevator spine signifies the upper limit (1), or offload position, of the elevator.
  1. Open the upper-build-chamber door and, wearing nitrile gloves and holding a drip tray underneath, remove the print platform with the part attached from the machine.
  1. If you have another print job in your print queue for this printer, or if you want to reprint the same job, you may now insert a clean print platform. Close the orange door and mark the printer as Ready.