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The Figure 4 UV Curing Unit 350 has many warning labels throughout. This section details what those warning labels are, how many of each warning label is on each system module, and the locations of each type of label. It is important to use the machine with extreme caution to avoid situations that may be hazardous. The numbers in the Item column below correspond to the numbers in the images that follow.

Item Description Qty Label
1 Product label - Contains system information and certification symbols 1


2 - ISO 7000-0434B

CAUTION: UV RADIATION WARNING - Indicates that UV radiation may be present behind the panel.

1 caution.png
3 - ISO 7000-0637A

CAUTION: Heat WARNING - Indicates that the machine may be hot inside. It will definitely be hot just after operation.

1 Heat.png
4 - IEC 60417-5007 Power On - To indicate connection to the mains, at least for mains switches or their positions, and all those cases where safety is involved. 1 power on.png
5 - IEC 60417-5008 Power Off - To indicate disconnection from the mains, at least for mains switches or their positions, and all those cases where safety is involved. 1 power off.png
6 - IEC 60417-5009 Stand-By - To identify the switch or switch position by means of which part of the equipment is switched on in order to bring it into the stand-by condition, and to identify the control to shift to or to indicate the state of low power consumption. Each of different states of power consumption may be indicated using a corresponding color. 1 standby btn.png
7 - IEC 60417-5032 Alternating Current (label inside panel, not accessible by customer) - To indicate on the rating plate that the equipment is suitable for alternating current only; to identify relevant terminals. 1 alternating current.png
8 - IEC 60417-5019 Protective Earth; Protective Ground (label inside panel, not accessible by customer) - To identify any terminal which is intended for connection to an external conductor for protection against electric shock in case of a fault, or the terminal of a protective earth (ground) electrode. 1 1201_OnYourMark_fig2.jpg
9 UV Light - Pressing the button accompanying this symbols activates the UV lights inside the machine 1 light-on-button.jpg