Clean Print Platform

CAUTION: Do not clean the print platform or resin tray in a sink or tub that drains into wastewater. These components must be cleaned in a self-contained tub and the solvent/print-material mix must be discarded according to all local, state, and federal regulations.

WEAR 100% nitrile gloves throughout this procedure.

Clean Print Platform

You must clean the print platform after each use.

  1. Use the punch tool to punch out the bits of supporting architecture that are inside the holes. Punch in a column, going up an down until you have run the punch tool through every hole. See the punching pattern below for reference.


  1. Use the Platform Scraper to scrape cured print material off the underside of the print platform.
  1. You should have the platform-cleaning fixture in a tub with the recommended solvent. Place the print platform on the fixture, being sure it is submerged in the solvent, and use the punch tool up and down on the platform once more, as you did in Step 1.


Platform-cleaning fixture

  1. Wipe down the platform with a lint-free paper towel or nonabrasive cloth.
  1. Inspect the platform, particularly the holes on the flat surface, to ensure no partially cured print material remains. If you find material or partially cured bits on the platform at this point, follow the steps in this section again on the problem areas.

Your print platform is now clean and ready to be reused.