Resin Tray

You will hand-pour print material into the resin tray before printing. The Figure 4 Jewelry Printer works with the print materials listed in the section Printer Materials and Properties. The printer comes with one resin tray per machine purchased. Purchasing multiple resin trays gives the user the ability to easily print with two different materials on one machine. The more resin trays you have, the more materials you can print with. If the resin tray is sufficiently cleaned in between builds, it is also possible to use a different print material in the same resin tray. However, not every print material can share the same tray, even if the resin tray is cleaned. Please see the section Resin Tray Material Cross-Usage for more information. Determine the number of resin trays you will require.

A Transparent Membrane - This proprietary membrane creates a layer of oxygenated print material at the bottom of the resin tray. This feature ensures that print material does not cure directly on the membrane under normal building conditions.
B Tension Slots - The resin-tray tension arm fastens over these slots.
C Material Fill Levels - These graduated markings represent four different levels to which you can fill the resin tray.
D QR Code/Serial Number - The QR Code has the serial number embedded in its pattern. These give the resin tray a unique identification that can be read by a QR-code scanner.


Close up on material fill steps. Notice there is also an identical QR Code/Serial Number on the back of the tray.