Printer Error Messages

You might experience certain error messages during printer operation, or if the printer detects issues with printer components. Follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot any error. Below are some general guidelines:

  1. Many errors will be accompanied by a numerical code. Have this code ready when contacting your reseller.
  2. If on-screen troubleshooting instructions fail: reboot the printer, check power and Ethernet cables, and try task again before calling your reseller.
  3. If experiencing a bottle-scanning error: before re-scanning a bottle, ensure that the QR code is intact, clean, and unobstructed. Also, keep the scanner window below the touch screen clean and unobstructed.
  4. If you experience an aborted build, follow the guidelines in the section Abort a Print Job and Running a Resin-Tray Cleaning.
  5. For network issues, troubleshoot with your network administrator before contacting your reseller to ensure issue is not with your network.
  6. If an error causes the printer to go into maintenance mode, reboot the printer to get out of that mode. If the printer reboots to maintenance mode, contact your reseller for ruther assistance.