Setup And Activation

  1. Select your language. Press the checkmark to confirm your selection.

  1. Enter a name for your printer. Scroll to the letters you wish to select by pressing the arrow symbols on each side of the screen. Press the letters to select them. Select the checkmark to continue. If you do not wish to name your CubePro, press SKIP to move to the next screen and continue with step 4.

NOTE: The printer will search for area wireless networks.

  1. Connect your printer to your wireless network. Use the up or down arrow to scroll to your network choice. Select your network.

NOTE: If your network is password protected, the printer will first prompt you to enter the password.

NOTE: The printer can also connect to an ad hoc network, a decentralized network that wirelessly connects a local computer to the printer directly. The computer must have a wireless adapter configured for ad-hoc mode. The adapter must use the same SSID as is found in the printer. Connecting to an ad hoc network is discussed further in the section titled Setting Up an Ad Hoc Network.

NOTE: Connection to a network is confirmed when a checkmark appears to the left of the network name. If the network is secured, a lock icon will appear to the right of the network name.

  1. Select the checkmark to continue the warranty activation process.

  1. Log in to Go to

NOTE: You must be logged in to to activate your printer. If you have not activated an account, select SIGN UP or enter your information on the signup page.

  1. Navigate to

NOTE: The serial number of your printer will appear on the printer’s touchscreen display. Take note of the serial number. You will need it to activate your printer. The serial number can also be found on a label adhered to the right side of the printer near the power on/off switch.

NOTE: This illustration provides an example of a serial number. Do not use this number to activate your printer.

  1. Select the checkmark to continue.

  1. Enter your serial number and select Activate.

NOTE: Your 4-digit activation code will appear. Please note the activation code because it will need to be entered into the printer’s touchscreen display to activate the printer.

NOTE: You can access the User Guide, software for either Windows or Apple operating systems, and free creations.

  1. After receiving your activation code during the registration and warranty activation process, enter your 4-digit code in the touchscreen display. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: If the wrong activation code was entered, select RETRY and enter the activation code again.

  1. Select the checkmark to complete the activation process. Your printer is now ready to print a creation.

  1. To install cartridges and perform a test print, select START.

NOTE: Install the cartridge in cartridge bay 1 on the left side of the printer.

  1. Open the packaging and remove the thumbscrew from the new cartridge. Select the checkmark to continue.

  1. Pull out 12”/30 cm of material from the material cartridge. Select the checkmark to continue.

  1. Cut off 2”/5 cm of print material from the end. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: Ensure the material is not bent or creased. If the material is not straight, pull out the damaged material from the cartridge. Cut off and dispose the portion that is not straight.

  1. Insert the print material under the cartridge clamp roller of cartridge bay 1 and into the material tube. Select the checkmark to continue.

  1. Continue to manually feed the print material through the material tube until it begins to extrude from print jet 1 into the jet wiper assembly. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: When the material reaches far enough into the extruder, the extruder motor will assist with feeding the material further into the print jet.

  1. (1) Push the front of the cartridge into place. (2) Then, push the cartridge handle downward until the cartridge is fully seated in its cartridge bay mount. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: Ensure the front of the cartridge (A) where the material exits is seated under the clamp roller and between the vertical alignment pins in the cartridge bay.

  1. To continue with the test print, select PRINT.

NOTE: If the test print file uses a color that is not installed in the printer, select the checkmark to enable the printer to change the color of the print to a color currently installed.

  1. Apply two thin layers of Cube Glue to the print pad. Select the checkmark to continue.

NOTE: For more information, refer to the section titled Applying Cube Glue.

NOTE: Apply enough glue to cover a square area of 5”/15 cm in the center of the print pad.

NOTE: For best results, ensure the glue is dry prior to printing.

NOTE: Print jet 1 will begin to heat.

NOTE: The printer will begin printing the welcome message test print.

  1. Select the checkmark to continue to go to the main menu.

NOTE: Please wait while the print jet cools.