Menu Overview

Touchscreen Display

After powering on the printer and turning on the touchscreen display, touch the display to continue.

CAUTION: When using the touchscreen, use only light finger pressure to make selections. Using anything sharp will damage the touchscreen display and will void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Print / Setup

PRINT allows the user to print a creation stored either on a USB mass storage device or from the CubePro software. 

SETUP allows the user to configure the printer, connect to a wireless or ad hoc network, install cartridges, or view the printer status.


Navigation between screens is performed by pressing the right or left arrows.


CARTRIDGE STATUS allows the user to view the type and color of the material that is installed. It also displays the estimated amount of material left in the cartridge.
Selecting CHANGE CARTRIDGE allows the user to install cartridges in empty bays or replace installed cartridges.

Print Plate Calibration

MOVE JETS allows the user to manually move the print jets in the X and Y directions.

LEVEL PLATE is a utility that assists in leveling the print pad to the print jets.

Print Jet Calibration

CONTROL JETS allows the user to test the operation of the extruders and print jets.

OFFSET JETS is a utility that defines the parameters of the space between the print jets.

CAUTION: Do not change any of the values in the OFFSET JETS utility unless advised to do so by Cubify Support. Any changes will alter the print quality of your creations.


The Network menu allows the user to connect to a wireless network or to an ad hoc device.


SELECT LANGUAGE allows the user to localize the printer to their language.

LIGHT allows the user to turn on or off the print jet LEDs. The other interior LEDs are managed by the firmware when the CubePro is powered on.


Selecting the FIRMWARE icon allows the user to update their firmware either with a file downloaded to a USB mass storage device or by wireless connection.

By selecting INFO, the printer will display the printer status including the serial number, the print jet temperatures, and the name of the wireless network to which the printer is connected.

Material Upgrades

MATERIAL UPGRADES is a utility that activates the use of optional materials within the printer once the upgrade has been purchased. Once the upgrade has been purchased on, you will receive an activation code that must be entered into the touchscreen display.