Testing The Print Jets And Extruders

When material fails to come out of the print jets during a print, you may receive a warning message on the display. The CONTROL JETS function from the Print Jet Calibration menu is a utility that enables you to test the print jet heating elements and the extruder operation.

  1. Navigate to the Print Jet Calibration screen and select CONTROL JETS.

  1. Select the print jet you wish to test.

  1. Select the target temperature value twice to read 260°C.

NOTE: To increase or decrease the temperature value, press the up or down arrow.

NOTE: The typical printing temperature for ABS print material is 260°C. The typical printing temperature for PLA material is 220°C. For best results, leave the default target temperature at 260°C while extruding print material from the Control Jets test utility.

NOTE: The current temperature reading will appear above the target temperature value.

  1. Once the temperature has reached 260°C, select the speed value.

NOTE: Pressing the speed value twice will place the value at 4.0 RPM. Press the up or down arrows to increase or decrease the extrusion speed.

  1. Once you have finished, reduce the target speed to 0.0 RPM and the target temperature to 0.0°C. You can now select the next print jet and follow this procedure if necessary.

NOTE: Pressing the values twice for target temperature and speed should change the values to 0.0.

For further troubleshooting, contact Cubify Support at cubifysupport@cubify.com.