Get acquainted with your CubePro 3D printer before beginning your first print. This section identifies the important areas that will be discussed throughout this guide.

CubePro Trio is depicted for illustration purposes only. Locations of important areas are the same for the CubePro and CubePro Duo.

Removable Top Cover Printer Power Switch
Touchscreen Display Power Inlet Port
Touchscreen On/Off Button USB Inlet Port
Fuses Printer USB Port

Print Jet 1 Print Chamber Heater
Print Jet 2 Print Plate
Print Jet 3 Print Pad
Jet Wiper Assembly Material Cartridge 2
Material Cartridge 1 Material Cartridge 3

NOTE: The following image illustrates the second and third cartridge bays of a CubePro Trio.

Material Tube Material Cartridge Mount Rings
Clamp Rollers Material Cartridge Bay 2
Cartridge Recognition Connections Material Cartridge Bay 3
Material Cartridge Bay 2 Hinge